Who is this GUY?

Guy is an entertainment photographer who specializes in all things related to the entertainment industry: feature films, television series and movies-of-the-week, news programs, fashion and editorial sessions for today’s models and headshots for up and coming new talent. He also provides his “Hollywood” style to corporate clients who desire his unique vision for their marketing, public relations, and advertising needs.

Why does he do what he does?

Because that is what he is called to do and he goes where his creative thinking directs him. 

Where does he do what he does?

Guy will shoot just about anywhere a production assigns him or a client requests him ...
From the Everglades of South Florida to Bangor, Maine
From Atlanta, Georgia to San Francisco, California
From New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee
From the Bahamas to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia and a great many stops in between!

He’s been on a lot of roads and stayed in a lot of cities 

Member International Cinematographer's Guild Local 600  Central Region