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“Still shooting my way through life ...”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there anything I need to do before my photo session?”

    Yes …

     1) Be well rested. A tired face is a tired face. No amount of retouching can put the energy back into a face that needs sleep. We are photographers, not magicians.         “Tired in is tired out.”

    2) Be well prepared. Know what the reason is for the photo session. Arrive with a clear set of objectives about the images you need to enhance your career. Have         the right clothing, the right accessories and most important - the right attitude. This is a collaborative effort and you need to know your part.

        A tip sheet will be e mailed to you once a session is booked to help you prepare for your session.

“How many pictures are taken, how many do I get and how and how fast do I get them?”

    Each session is unique and varies depending on the session you purchased. But here is the short answer:

    We shoot until we get what we needed - depending on the caliber and experience of the talent that usually averages about 30 - 40 images per look. The images are      put on a CD/DVD un retouched for      review purposes. Once the agreed upon number of images (based on session purchased) is selected by you and retouched      (standard retouching) they are e mailed to you as high resolution JPEGS for your use.

“Do you offer make-up/hair services?”

    Yes, we do. The rate for those services are determined between you and the studio artist based on what you are requesting. If you choose not to use our artist, then     you will need to come to the session make-up and hair ready.

“What other services do you offer?”

    If you would like assistance with wardrobe selection, a consultation with our stylist can be arranged - fees determined based upon what is requested.

    Composite card design, video portfolio, extensive retouching, promotional card design as well as other creative services are available. Fees based upon the nature      and extent of the work requested.

“How much does a photo session cost and how do I pay for it?”

    The shooting fees are based upon the services and type of session booked. It starts at $125 and goes up from there. Occasionally the studio will offer promotional r      rates, ask to see if there is a promotion available.

     A non-refundable deposit for all sessions are required at the time of booking. Once a date is booked for you, you will need to go to our website and under the STORE      tab click on BOOKING A SESSION link. A standard $50.00 deposit is required. Once the deposit is made, your scheduled session will be logged on our calendar and a      confirmation for time will be sent to you. Balance due needs to be paid at the end of the session. If make-up or other services for the session were requested, they      will need to be paid at that time as well. Credit/Debit cards are accepted.

“What if I have to cancel a session?”

    We understand that unexpected events can warrant a change in availability. A 24 hour advance notification to the studio will allow you to change the date of your      photo session. A less than 24 hour notice will result in forfeiture of deposit. A “NO SHOW” will result in forfeiture of deposit and no future sessions can be booked with      our studio.  

Any other questions can be directed to us via e mail at: info@photosbyguy.com.